Ux Research + AnthRopologY

When I visit my family in Italy I am constantly reminded of the role culture plays in the design of the things we use every day. Being a dual-citizen gave me both the insider's and outsider's point of view, and I think these experiences fast-tracked my love for anthropology. 

I use anthropological methods as a UX Researcher to solve the design problems in everyday life that require deep empathy, knowledge of human behavior, and respect for the diversity of body and mind. I want to have a hand in creating a world where technology matches the rhythm people walk to. 


🎓 M.A. in Evolutionary Anthropology

📍Pacific Northwest

🇮🇹 Italian-American 

🥊 Assistant boxing coach 

❤️ Health/Wellness + Augmented Reality + AI

News and Media


Alumni profile by Boise State's UX Research program.


Design Ethnography certificate (renamed to UXR) featuring my time as a novice junior.
FOCUS magazine Fall/Winter 2017 edition front cover and article.